Kweichow Moutai in Belgium

Belgium, the capital of Europe.

Belgium lies at the borders of the North Sea, an important shipping route that is a gateway between Europe and the other world markets. Within a distance of 150 km from the North Sea borders live 80 million people!

Thanks to NATO headquarters and the European Parliament, Brussels is called the Capital of Europe where different nationalities live together. For this reason also many multinationals have their EU branches in Brussels.

Belgium is on the list of must-see countries for tourists on a trip through Europe, for its historical cities and excellent food and drinks.

Distribution areas

Some numbers from Belgium

  • National supply with a special focus on areas with a large international group of consumers, business people and tourists.
  • Population in Belgium is reaching 11,5 million people.
  • In 2016 Belgium welcomed 8 million tourists.
  • In 2016 Brussels airport received 22 million of passengers.


  • Most important center & meeting place of the Chinese community in Belgium.
  • Being the 2nd largest seaport in Europe & since 5 centuries being the world’s diamond center, many international companies have a branch in this city creating a lot of business.

Belgian Seaside Area

  • Flanders with Bruges as top attraction for many Asian tourists, has many hotels, restaurants, bars and casinos.


  • Capital of Europe thanks to the EU headquarters, with many international companies & expat communities.
  • Tourist city with a large number of hotels and restaurants.


    • The french-speaking south of Belgium is not so commonly known by international tourists but with its five art cities to visit, it cannot be missed. From this direction we also cover 600 selling points.

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