Moutai in the world

Kweichow Moutai in the world

The world’s oldest known liquor, the Chinese grain baijiu Moutai is China’s national treasure, a 53% alcohol drink that is as complex as it is pure, with over 150 tasting notes in 1 single glass !
No wonder this ‘firewater’ is conquering the world at steady pace.

A world class liquor company

Since April 2017 Kweichow Moutai is the world’s most valuable liquor firm, surpassing Diageo (DEO) the owner of Johnnie Walker, with a market capitalization of $71.5 billion vs Diageo’s $71.1 billion.

The group is seeking new consumers outside of China as in 2016, 95% of its sales were within China.

Traditionally the Chinese Moutai drinkers are high class elite, diplomats & businessmen but thanks to a boosting economy, the spirit found widespread popularity among China’s middle class and is also reaching a ‘younger’ group of urban professionals buying this liquor for social events & family dinners.

Moutai in Africa

In November 2017, Kweichow Moutai set foot on the African continent for the first time, with a promotion trip to Cape Town in a bid to enter the African market.

Moutai’s strategy is part of the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative to promote cultural exchange & economic cooperation with the rest of the world !

Are you ready to discover Kweichow Moutai?

Find out what is so special about this mysterious drink!

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