The unique production process

The unique production process

The Moutai spirit is made from a mix of locally produced red sorghum (a small grain rich in tannins), wheat and water. It is 100% organic without the addition of any artificial additives.

From the selection of ingredients to the delivery of the finished product, the production cycle takes 5 years, passing through no less than 30 processes and 165 different procedures.

The Moutai spirit is manually cultivated following the lunar calendar and the art of the production is passed on from generation to generation. Every production cycle takes 1 year.

Like only brandy from the town of Cognac can be labeled Cognac, the same goes for Moutai, that can only be produced in the Moutai town. Any attempts to replicate this unique baijiu elsewhere, have failed. The environment and ancient methods have created an irreplacable product !

The main production stages involve


9 distillation sessions


7 purifying filtration sessions


8 natural fermentation periods


3 years minimum

The distillate will be kept in big terracotta pots for a period of at least 3 years, enabling the spirit to reach its 155 ! different aromatic substances like the aromas of wheat, grain, hazelnut, roasted walnut, of various fruits, mint, caramel, chocolate, with floral & herbal aspects and many more.


These rich and unique aromas give the Moutai liquor an extraordinary taste and a pure palate. Savouring this spirit is savouring life in all its beauty !

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