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Enjoy the world’s most mysterious spirit


The art of tasting Moutai

To fully enjoy and understand this exquisite & mysterious liquor,
we advise you to perform the next 3 steps :


First admire its ‘color’, natural clear & transparent with a lustrous viscosity.


Take your time to smell the different rich aromas.


Start with a sip of Moutai and discover with your tongue its flavor. Gently swallow while it gives you a soft sensation in your throat.

Then close your mouth & exhale gently through the nose.

In this way, you will have enjoyed an extraordinary tasting experience,
never to be forgotten in your life!

Are you ready to discover Kweichow Moutai?

Find out what is so special about this mysterious drink!

Product Range

53% Moutai Flying Fairy


Moutai Flying Fairy, known as the ‘Original’, has a pure and extremely rich aroma formed by natural fermentation, during an exclusive organic production process of 5 years.

53% Moutai Prince


Moutai Prince has a fresh, more mild and sweeter aroma than the Flying Fairy, is brewed in the same traditional way as the ‘original’, with a producton cycle of 3 years.

All editions













53% Moutai Chun

Astrology Edition


Moutai Chun belongs to the soft sauce flavours, produced from the same raw materials and Moutai technology, with some adjustments of acid and increasing aromas, creating a young and elegant taste.

Cocktail suggestions

It took a while to seduce the overseas consumers to drink baijiu because of its strong alcohol content and pungent aroma.

To overcome the drink’s strength hurdle, Moutai is promoting baijiu cocktails, inspiring bartenders from across the world to be creative and mix the most diverse compositions.

The cocktails are very appealing to many foreign drinkers, expanding the consumer group with younger adults and women.

In addition to put the Moutai bottle on a shelve in a shop somewhere, there has to be product education. Then this unique liquor will turn into a massive hit worldwide !

We welcome your cocktail suggestions & new tryouts!

Afternoon Delight


* 2,5 cl Moutai Flying Fairy 53%
* 4 cl lemon juice concentrate
* 2 cl mint syrup
* 2 cl grenadine syrup
* champagne


Cool a vintage champagne glass with crushed ice. Pour the Moutai, the lemon juice and mint syrup in the glass. Stop when about a third of the glass is filled and add the champagne and last the grenadine. Garnish with a candied cherry.

Red Desire


* 2 cl Moutai Flying Fairy 53%
* 1 cl Tanqueray gin
* 2 cl cherry liqueur
* 1 cl Cointreau
* 2 cl grenadine
* 15 cl blood orange juice


Take a cooled tumbler glass. Pour the cherry, Cointreau & grenadine in the shaker, add some crushed ice & firmly shake for 15 seconds. Pour the mix through a strainer, add the gin and Moutai. Fill up the glass with orange juice & garnish with a zest of orange.

Mint Magic


* 2 cl Moutai Flying Fairy 53%
* 2 cl white Rum
* 1/2 lime cut in parts
* 2 cl mint or cane Syrup
* 5 fresh mint leaves
* 5 cl soda water topped with crushed ice


Take a glass type delmonico or martini. Start with the lime parts & syrup. Rub with a mint leaf over the top of the glass. Pour the Moutai, Rum, some lime parts & mint leaves in the shaker with crushed ice & shake firmly. Pour the mix in the glass & stirr well. Finish with soda water & garnish with a mint leaf.

Antwerp harbour


* 4 cl Moutai Flying Fairy 53%
*0,75 cl Banana liquor Bols 
*0,75 cl White Cacoa bols 


Stirr all-in mixing glass filled with ice, stirr for 15/20sec and then strain into pre chilled “coupette” glass.

All our are cocktails designed by Troubleshakers

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